Ok, so I have Metasequoia, the 3D modeling program. I also have Keynote, which is entirely in Japanese. O.o I can understand a little, but it's pretty much lost on me. The thing is, though, that I just found the jackpot of Meta tutorials!!! ^o^ Just go here:

Which leads you to here:

and here:

Enjoy and どうぞ! ^.^


Just to start things off...

A lot of sheet music; the things this person plays are amazing!!! (Must need basic understanding of Japanese to navigate)

Fairly hard sheet music, but they sound very good when played well. >.< And everything comes with a MIDI file!

Basically a mass collection of all kinds of anime songs, as well as a pretty good selection of video game music... There are also links to other sites (Ichigo's, Sperion no Sora, etc) ^.^

Not the best site for PIANO sheet music, but you can get Violin, Viola, group, etc music as well here, if that's what you're looking for... >.<"""

Use the navigation panels on the right for the master lists of anime, video game, and 'other' sheet music. >.< Pretty good selection.

This person plays BEAUTIFULLY... Unfortunately, there aren't any sheets for what he does, except for when other people make them, in which case you'd need to search for '(name of song) marasy version' or '(name of song) as played by marasy', etc...

Pretty much the same a Josh's site, but it looks different... >.<"""

This guy is a musical genius -- and he does sheets for How to Train Your Dragon!!! *o* Yeah, I love that movie. It's beastly. Pun intended. ^.^ He also does other American sheet music, like the Other Father Song from Coraline, and stuff like that. >.<

Good Vocaloid VSQ's, UTAU UST's, MIDI's, and sheet music... I guess it's more helpful if you have the Vocaloid or UTAU program to convert the VSQ/UST to a MIDI file... >.<"""

This person is really good, too! An added bonus - they tell you the level of each sheet, so you know what difficulty you're downloading. ^.^

... That's all... If I find anything else, I'll likely put it up here. >.< Enjoy!