Saddest anime ever...
Seriously. I was crying like a mom sending her kid off to college, or more like off to their life AFTER college!!! DX It was SO, SO funny for... the first 12 episodes. I mean, the REALLY funny parts were mostly episodes 1-10 or 1-11, because 12 was a bit sadder than the ones before it. But episode 13, jeez... It's funny how such a short anime can make someone cry so much over character's that you've known for 13 episodes, maybe less, if they don't give their story for a couple episodes, like Tenshi/Kanade does. It says one of the genres for the anime is tragedy, and I totally thought nothing of it and forgot about that until the 13th episode.
Oh, favorite character! Well, almost all the characters were amazing and/or hilarious! I guess... Otonashi, Noda, and Hinata and Yui (when they're together, preferably), and Naoi are my favorites, with Kanade, Takamatsu, and Yuri and Iwasawa (tied) all being pretty close seconds (though they are in order from favorite -> less favorite). What can I say? The cast was amazing - all the characters had such different personalities and quirks, it's hard to pick a single favorite! Otonashi with his passionate, caring gentleness, Noda with his crazy halberd and rash personality, Hinata with his idiotic lines and, when paired with Yui, their reactions to the things they each say, and even Naoi, with his crazy obsession of Otonashi, and his hypnotism that makes Hinata think of himself as inferior to paper clips... Kanade with her gentle voice and unmatching bluntness, Takamatsu with his surprisingly moronic ideas, Yuri with her methods of punishing people (exam day, mmhmmm...), and Iwasawa with her calm coolness, her amazing voice, and her touching story... It truly is wonderfully done.
As are the actual videos - the way they're drawn is beautiful - to me, it seems as though the creator(s) spent a lot of time on each and every frame. They captured each moment perfectly, and if I ever watch it again, I wouldn't want to change a single thing!
Anyways, the anime itself aside, the music was beautiful, as well. It fit the anime perfectly. My favorite background song was 'Theme of SSS', but I think my favorite song of all was Alchemy (Iwasawa Version) by Girls Dead Monster, or Run with Wolves or Shine Days by the same band... Jeez I sound like Yui... >.>
Anyways, highly recommended anime, despite how sad it is. ^^

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