Learning C++

It's official, I AM A GEEK. (You wanna be one, too, don't you? I know you do, so here's a link to get learning!) ^^
But that's okay, because I think it's interesting, especially because I'm attempting to make a program that helps you attain perfect pitch.
Again, YUSH.
I, unfortunately, don't have perfect pitch, so this is as much to my benefit as it will be to whoever reads this.
For starters, I'm planning to model it after this program. Of course, full credit will be given! I'd use InPitch 0.5.1 myself, but I can't seem to get it to register with the program that there IS a soundbank.gm in the file! >:U
Whatever... I wish their site had a FAQ, or maybe a Troubleshooting section.
Either way, I can't wait until this works! It will be freeware, but the source code will only be given to people that I know. Personally. Anyways, wish me luck~
// goes off to learn more about programming hurrhurr...

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